Explanation of Mission & Values


To Make Our Labor a Pleasing Offering

  • “Work hard and willingly but do it for the Lord and not for the sake of men. You can be sure that everyone, whether slave or free man, will be properly rewarded by the Lord for whatever work he has done well” Ephesians 6:1-9

Enriching Our Families

  • Our goal is for all of our people to have the ability to own their own home. This is accomplished through our personnel’s pay and our annual profit sharing bonus.

  • Our goal is for all of our people to have the ability to send their children to college. The company currently offers our people’s children $2,000.00 per school year scholarship for up to four years per student. A “C” average is required for the second through fourth years of college.

  • Our goal is for all of our people to have the opportunity to retire with dignity. After one year of service, employees are able to participate in our 401 (k) profit sharing plan. Currently, the company contributes to an employee's 401(k) account at various rates up to 50% of the employee's compensation. In addition, the company encourages retirement savings through educational programs and the individual assistance of a financial advisor. There is no Company imposed limit placed on how much an employee can contribute.

Enriching Society

  • The ownership of CIH and its subsidiaries pledges to tithe on the earnings of the Companies. Most of these donations are of a private nature. Part of that tithing is accomplished through the Company’s preferred charity, the St. Nicholas Fund.

  • St. Nicholas was a bishop in the fourth century of Myra, which is now in modern day Turkey:

    "St. Nicholas' parents died when he was a young man, leaving him well off and he determined to devote his inheritance to works of charity. An opportunity soon arose. A citizen of Patara had lost all his money, and had moreover to support three daughters who could not find husbands because of their poverty; so the wretched man was going to give them over to prostitution. This came to the ears of Nicholas, who thereupon took a bag of gold and, under cover of darkness threw it in at the open window of the man's house.”

  • It is the plan of CIH to “throw a bag of gold through the window” when a little monetary help may make a big difference to someone. All of our people are asked to keep their eyes open for when such a situation may be happening.

  • Should any of our people become aware of a need they should contact a St. Nicholas Company Committee Member. The Committee will investigate each referral. Should the need be legitimate, the company will respond anonymously.


  • Outstanding people are those who more than earn their monetary cost to the company prior to the end of their first year of employment. They make significant contributions to the success of the Company throughout their careers.

  • We wish the working environment to be one of cooperation; a place where all of us are willing to help our coworkers be successful.