"We install more Refractory in one hour than others install all day"

About Christy Industrial Services

From aluminum to chemicals, petroleum to steel, and heat treating to power generation, Christy Industrial Services is meeting the needs of a demanding market. We offer superior on-site refractory supply, installation and repair. Christy Industrial Services is the best of man and machine.


We are THE refractory shotcrete installation experts. With our fleet of shotcrete rigs in our St. Louis warehouse, we're ready for quick deployment to your site to install proven shotcrete materials in your molten aluminum, power generation, or other high temperature process unit. With install rates up to 6 ton per hour per rig, no one gets your refractory work done faster!


Catch the Wave of the Future....

SHOTCRETE for POWER Generation

Shotcrete for Cyclone Burners

CYCLOSHOT SHOTCRETE Refractory for Cyclone Burners

Shotcrete for Dry Bottom Ash Hoppers

SHOTCRETE Refractory For Dry Bottom Ash Hoppers

Shotcrete for Wet Bottom Ash Hoppers

SHOTCRETE Refractory For Wet Bottom Ash Hoppers

Nitride Bonded SiC Cyclone Wear Block

Nitro-SiC 21 Cyclone Wear Block

Nitride Bonded SiC Cyclone Wear Blocks

Nitro-SiC 21 Cyclone Wear Block Assembly

Shotcrete for Aluminum Melting Furnace

SHOTCRETE Refractory For Aluminum Melting Furnaces

Shotcrete Installation

SHOTCRETE Installation Aluminum Furnace Dome (Patent Pending)


FOAMFRAX® Sprayable Ceramic Fiber Annealing Furnace Installation

3000*F Ceramic Fiber Installation

3000°F Ceramic Fiber Installation

Ceramic Fiber Module Roof

Envelope Kiln Ceramic Fiber Module Roof


Sanitary Ware Kiln Ceramic Fiber Module Installation

3000*F Tunnel Kiln Brick Reline

3000°F Tunnel Kiln Brick Reline

Secondary Reformer 99% Al2O3 Dome

Secondary Reformer Brick Dome Installation

Gunite Application

Gunite Application

Floor Tile

Bakery Oven Reline

Cast Hot Wall

Cast Hot Wall

Calcium Silicate Lining

Calcium Silicate Lining